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1.0-3.5 Electric Forklift

1.0-3.5 Electric Forklift
1.0-3.5 Electric Forklift
1.0-3.5 Electric Forklift
1.0-3.5 Electric Forklift
1.0-3.5 Electric Forklift1.0-3.5 Electric Forklift

Loading capacity: 1-3.5 ton

Loading center: 500mm

Power unit:Diesel

Operator type: Driver in seat

Tire type: Pneumatic tyres


Main Features

1. Power System

  Equipped with original imported American Curtis electric control system; High voltage and large capacity battery can supply the forklift with strong power; DC or AC motors are optional according to customer's requirements

2. Security System

  Equipped with OPS or ORS seat and brake switch to prevent incoorect operation and secure the driver and the forklift from all sides.

3. Lighting System

  Equipped with full set of LED lamps, which are brighter and energy saving.

Technical Data

Main Information
Brand Aceally
Model CPD10 CPD15 CPD18 CPD20 CPD25 CPD30 CPD35
Operation type Drive in seat
Load capacity kg 1000 1500 1800 2000 2500 3000 3500
Load center mm 500
Power type Electric
Tire type, driving wheel/load wheel Pneumatic tyre
Number of wheels X= driving wheel (front/behind) 2X/2
Tire size (front/behind) 6.50-10-12PR/5.00-8-8PR 7.00-12-12PR/18x7-8PR 28x9-12PR/18x7-8-14PR
Service brake Hydraumatic pedal
Parking brake Mechanical manual
Mast tilt, forward/backward /(°) 6/12
Mast height after mast fall mm 1995 2025
Fork lift maximum height mm 4025 4045 4160
Free lift height mm 140 150
Standar mast height mm 3000
Overhead guard height mm 2100 2098 2092
Overall length mm 2035 2353 2507
Fork overhang mm 400 468.5 475
From the rear mm 335 384 432
Wheelbase mm 1360 1500 1600
Minimum distance between the ground mm 110
Tread (front/behind) mm 912/920 970/950 100/970
Vehicle width mm 1090 1170 1200
Fork size mm 1070x122x45 1070x125x45
Channel width mm 3797 4040 4105
Turning radius mm 1997 2172 4360
Walking speed, loaded/withoutload km/h 13/15 12/14 14/15
Lifting speed, loaded/load m/s 240/450 320/450 300/400
Dropping speed, loaded/without load m/s 480/420 476/426 390/260
Maximum traction, loaded N 15000 18000 20000 21000
Max grade ability, loaded/without load % 12/15 13/15 14/15
Drive motor power kw 8 11 16.6
Lifting motor power kw 7.5 12 13.5
Level voltage/capacitance v/ah 48/450 48/630 80/500
Drive system DC/AC
Electric control system Curtis/Inmotion
Total weight kg 2960 3120 3200 4214 4270 4950 5010

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      we do custom products and projects.

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