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Fokrover ELectric Stacker ELES-16/16T/20

Fokrover ELectric Stacker ELES-16/16T/20
Fokrover ELectric Stacker ELES-16/16T/20
Fokrover ELectric Stacker ELES-16/16T/20
Fokrover ELectric Stacker ELES-16/16T/20
Fokrover ELectric Stacker ELES-16/16T/20
Fokrover ELectric Stacker ELES-16/16T/20Fokrover ELectric Stacker ELES-16/16T/20Fokrover ELectric Stacker ELES-16/16T/20


Down mode at 3 speeds

Steering automatic deceleration

Truck auotomatically decelerates while at higher lifting position



Configuration and performance

  • Electronic power steering system, light and low noise;
  • Two-way magnetic valve, three drop speed mode;
  • Drive unit floating bodies with patent design;
  • AC driving system, no carbon brush, maintenance free;
  • USA curtis driving controller;
  • Electromagnetic, regenerative braking sytem;
  • Automatic lifting limit, proximity switch, long life.


  • Curve automatic deceleration devices, more safe;
  • Vehicle deceleartes automatically at higher position;
  • Stepless speed cotrol system, safe and quiet;
  • Controller with multiple automatic protection
  • Emergency reversing device/ Emergency brake switch;
  • High position automatic reduction device.


ELectric Stacker
ELectric Stacker
ELectric Stacker

Technical Data

Fork over typed stacker 
Type Lift height( mm)  Mast tyep  Outside width between legs(mm) Inside width between legs(mm)
ELES-16 1400/2000/2500/3000/3300/3600/40000 Standard 2-STAGE 550/600/650/685 180/230/280/315
ELES-16T 3700/3900/4200/4500/4700/5000 FULL FREE 3-STAGE
ELES-16T 5300/5500/5800 FULL FREE 3-STAGE
ELES-20 1400/2000/2500/3000/3300/3600/40000 Standard 2-STAGE

Model ELES-16 ELES-20 ELES-16T
Configuration No.
Type Narrow legs
Mast type Standard 2-stage Full free 3-stage
Load capacity kg 1600 2000 1600
Load center mm 600
Wheel base mm 1325 1375
Operating type Walkie/Stand on
Wheels type PU
Wheel quantity driving wheel/ balance wheel/ bearing wheel 1/2/4
Standard lift height mm 1400/2000/2500/3000/3300/3600/4000 3700/3900/4200/4500/4700/5000 5300/5500/5800
Lowered fork height mm 86 85
Fork size(length/width/thickness) mm 1150(1220)/185/55
Overall length mm 2050/2470 2105/2525
Overall width mm 856 957
Max. Extend height mm 1900/2500/3000/3500/3800/4100/4500 4200/4400/4700/50000/5200/5500 5800/6000/6300
Mast Lowered height mm 1185/1535/1765/1980/2135/2335/2500 1800/1900/1985/2085/2135/2235 2520/2590/2690
Min. Turning radius mm 1580/1990 1630/2040
Min. Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 mm 2180/2580 2230/2625
Min. Aisle width for pallest 1000x1200 mm 2210/2600 2260/2650
Min. Ground clearance mm 30
Travel speed, laden/ unladed km/h 5/5 4/4.5 5/5
Lift speed, laden/ unladed mm/s 130/180 90/170 130/180
Lowering speed, laden/ unladed mm/s 100/230 80/170 100/160
Gradeability, laden/ unladed % 5/7
Electrical configuration
Drive motor/ lift motor/ steering motor kW AC 1.5/DC 3/DC 0.15
Battery voltage V 24
Battery capacity Ah 280
Brake Electromagnetic/Regenerative
Controller CURTIS
Battery weight kg 250
Service weight with battery kg 1240 1570 1610
     *Details of specifications and equipment are based on information available at time of printing and may change without notice.

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Subject:Fokrover ELectric Stacker ELES-16/16T/20
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